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Mortgage Related Advice

Mortgage Related

Have a lender you are working with but want to get an unbiased opinion? Want to qualify with only a bank and would like to know what to do before approaching them? Been denied with out a specific reason and want to know why?

Yes, these are everyday mortgage related challenges in the industry. I will tell you my unbiased opinion on why and get this, I DON’T WANT TO DO YOUR LOAN. That’s right, this is a paid specific service provided to you to resolve your current challenge. Not to lure or bait you into using a specific  mortgage broker or banker as myself, why you ask? Simply put- There is a already a wide amount of reputable mortgage companies that do good work, just a handful I have seen take advantage of clients. My mortgage business is and always has been direct referrals, those that feel like doing business with us already do and will refer through word of mouth. This is an ENTIRELY separate service. Serve to answer your “why’s” and “how’s” -not to have you feel as if you are not receiving straight-up answers because the company/person you are receiving ‘free’ advice only wants to make themselves look better by all of the sudden reducing their rate by .125% or dropping fees by $500 just to entice you to a program in which you probably are already comfortable with. You just had some itching questions or a small hick up and want to know how to go about it. Not all Loan Officers can handle challenges, their companies might have a lower rate or program you seek- but you might need help is keeping the deal together. With my expertise,  you can! 

Whether you are a potential borrower who looking for a new a new home or or a seasoned borrower, from refinancing to investment purchases, we can guide your  loan options while giving you qualifying pertinent information. 

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